Android Screen Recorder: 10 Best Apps For Recording in 2020

Sometimes when using your smartphone, recording the screen is necessary. Maybe you’re gaming, watching YouTube videos, going through an outrageous WhatsApp thread, or trying to make how-to videos you will need to record the screen and share with someone. A screen recorder (either app or in-built) comes in handy to help you record your phone screen without using another phone’s camera or photographic camera. 

Unlike Apple devices with an in-built screen recording tool, Android phones currently lack a built-in app or feature to screen record on your Android device. The Android 10 beta was set to integrate an in-built screen recorder, but Google dropped the feature before the final release. Nonetheless, Android 10 devices from Samsung, LG, or OnePlus (Galaxy S20 series, s10 series, Note 10 flagships, LG’s V50 series, V60, G7, G8 and G9 and OnePlus’ 5, 5T,6,6T,7,7 Pro and 8) feature a built-in screen recorder. 

For other Android devices running on a different Android version (Android 5.0 and later versions), it’s still possible to record the screen. Several options are available, from Android skins such as Oxygen OS and MIUI to third party Android screen recording apps, which allow you to record, edit, and share screen recordings.

There are numerous Android screen recording apps available on Google Play Store either for free or at an affordable price for premium versions. They are also available for both rooted and non-rooted devices. Here are the best Android screen recorder apps to enable you create a video recording of your screen.

How to Screen Record using Android Screen Recording Apps     

The screen recording process is largely the same across the different apps, with only a few differences. To record the screen, simply open the app and tap the screen recorder icon (usually a camera) to permit the app to record the screen. Tap the start icon to being recording; record your screen as desired, then tap stop when finished. Most screen recording apps automatically save the screen recording video to your phone’s gallery. Some apps also allow you to edit and share the video from the app.

10 Best Android Screen Recorder Apps For 2020

AZ Screen Recorder 

Price: Free/ In-app purchases ($2.99) 

Download: Play Store

Platform: Android 5 Lollipop and later versions. No Root  

 AZ Screen Recorder is a stellar screen recorder with plenty of features for an extraordinary screen recording capability. It’s light, affordable, user friendly, and compatible with older Android devices (Android 5 Lollipop and later) with no root access.

The app enables to create HD and Full HD screen recording videos with no watermarks or recording time limits. Better yet, it features an option to pause and resume recording or even record in time-lapse mode. The overlay button allows you not to interfere with the recorded content.

 The app is highly customizable, allowing you to adjust several sets such as video resolution (240p to 1080p), frame rate (24FPS to 60FPS), screen orientation, bitrate (1Mbps to 12Mps) or even embed a logo or text message in the recorded screencast. The video is saved in the phone’s gallery automatically with an option to edit using the built-in video editor. AZ Screen Recorder allows you to delete or share the recorded video via your preferred social network, or upload it to YouTube directly.  

The premium version, which is available as an in-app purchase, packs some additional features. It comes with a front-facing camera overlay option with a microphone recording ideal for recording things like tutorial videos or game streams with commentary. Other features in the pro version includes Magic button, screen recording countdown timers, and ad remover, among other features. 

AZ Screen Recorder also supports the AZ Plugin, which offers additional options, including substituting audio, trimming and compressing videos, adding text over videos, and other effects. 

With over 1 million downloads on Play Store, AZ Screen Recorder is an ideal app for a wide range of your screen recording app.  

Screen Recorder- No Ads 

Price: Free/ In-app purchases ($20.99)

Download: Play Store

Platform: Android 6.0 and later versions. No Root  

As the name implies, Screen Recorder-No Ads is totally free of annoying pop-up ads and watermark. The app comes with a simple UI easy to use. Simply touch on the overlay floating widget bar and start recording the screen or take a screenshot anywhere. The application supports multiple languages, including English, French, Spanish, Italian, etc.

Screen Recorder-No Ads records HD videos with a maximum frame rate of 60fps. It supports both front and back phone cameras while recording. Seamlessly change between the facecam and back camera by double-taping the preview while recording. Better yet, the application allows you to capture sounds or commentaries while screen recording thanks to the in-built audio recording feature. It also allows you to insert a logo, text, or images to the recorded video.  

The edit overlay feature enables you to draw notes onto the screen as you record. Additionally, you can trim video to the desired size after recording it. Other features supported by the app include internal sound for games developed on Android Q-Android 10, quick tiles feature plus Day/Night theme.   

Screen Recorder-No Ads is a great app for anybody seeking a free Android screen recorder with a bunch of intuitive features. However, your device must be running on Android 6.0 and later versions, plus you must allow overlay permission and other permissions requested by the app.

Screen Recorder 

Price: Free 

Download: Play Store

Platform: Android 5.0 and up. No Root 

Initially known as EZ Screen Recorder, Screen Recorder packs great features for outstanding screen recording with unlimited recording time. To begin with, the app supports a whiteboard screen to enable you to draw and create tutorials while screen recording. It supports the front camera(facecam), meaning you can screen recording while capturing your face video. This makes it ideal for app developers to record tutorials on using their app.

Screen Recorder is simple and easy to use and can capture screenshots on top of recording screens. Home screen navigation shortcuts enable you to start recording or capture screens quickly. It’s highly customizable, allowing users to choose several options, including video format, frame rate, bit rate, video orientation, and video compression.

The app also supports screen recording with audio even with or without the facecam of your phone being in usage. It also allows users to create a videography of still pictures or storytelling presentations and share them on various platforms. Users can also trim videos or draw text on the screen while recording thanks to the in-built video editor.

The best thing about Screen Recorder is that it allows you to screen record any app in live application usage mode. This means that you can screen record as you type messages, while on a video call with someone, while viewing any video or listening to audio or anything you’re doing live on the mobile screen. Additionally, Screen Recorder allows you to directly stream screen recording videos to YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, and other platforms.    

Screen Recorder is perfect for YouTube video creators, App Recorder/Reviewers or Digital Marketers, etc. to create high-quality HD video presentations and tutorials.

Google Play Games 

Price: Free 

Download: Play Store

Platform: Varies with the device. No root

Google Play Games offers you an opportunity to screen record without the need to download third-party apps. Unknown to most Android users, Google Play Games is more than a mobile gaming platform. It features an excellent built-in screen recorder that can record games and apps or anything you wish to record. It’s totally free with no ads or in-app purchases and can record videos in either 480 SD or 720 HD. 

To record your screen using the app, you’ll proceed by opening the Play Games app, go to a game’s info page, then tap the “Record your gameplay” icon at the top of the screen. Then select a video quality setting (480p or 720p) then launch the game. Once the game launches, you’ll see a set of screen recorder controls, i.e., mic icon, camera icon, and record button. The icons are easily dragged around the display by holding the game icon.

To record, tap the Record button once-the app will start recording after three seconds. Finish recording by tapping the Stop button. The video will be saved to your device with an option to edit or upload straight to YouTube. 

Note that you are not only limited to recording games. To record apps or other non-gaming stuff, you follow the above steps and exit the game when it launches. Alternatively, the screen record buttons can be made visible on the homescreen for ease of recording. 

Google Play Games recorder is best suited for mobile phone gamers who would like to record and share their best gaming moments on YouTube or other platforms. However, the app is only available in selected countries. It may also not work in older Android devices with no root. You may need to root your phone to access the recording function.

Mobizen Screen Recorder 

Price: Free/In-app purchases 

Download: Play Store

Platform: Android 4.4 and up. No Root 

Mobizen Screen Recorder is another outstanding Android screen recorder with a wealth of features. It’s convenient and easy-to-use, allowing you to not only screen record but also capture screenshots and edit videos.

The app supports clear recording in full HD. Choose from multiple resolutions ranging from 240p to 1080p with 2K resolution. Users can choose bit rates from 0.5 Mbps to 12Mbps and frame rates from 5FPS to 60FPS. 

Screen video recording can also include your facial expressions and voice via Facecam and phone’s mic. The screen recorder offers unlimited recording time with videos saved on External Memory (SD Card). The application also includes in-built video editing tools to get your desired video trim, cut or insert intro & outro, and your favorite BGM.  

Mobizen Screen Recorder features “Clean Recording” mode, which allows you to record a video without a watermark or a maximum timer. In this mode, users get a customization option to change the logo or watermark from Mobizen to a custom one. This allows you to retain ownership of your recordings or build a brand on social media platforms. However, this feature with no adds is available in-app purchases. 

Mobizen Screen Recorder is best suited for recording gaming actions as well as apps. It requires no root access with an option of watermark removal at a price. The developer offers platform-specific versions for LG and Samsung devices. 

ADV Screen Recorder 

Price: Free/ In-app Purchase  

Download: Play Store

Platform: 5.0 and up. No root  

ADV Screen Recorder allows you to record your screen in an easy way. The platform is well designed with plenty of features and without any restrictions or root requirements. Unlike other screen recorder apps, ADV allows you to record your phone’s screen with two different engines (Default and Advanced). 

It also supports customization settings with resolutions ranging from 240p to 720p, bit rates from 1Mbps to 15Mbps, and frame rate options from 24FPS to 60FPS. The advanced engine supports pause recording with a recording delay time of 3 seconds.

ADV Screen Recorder allows you to add a view from the front or back camera while recording. The phone’s camera window can be placed at your side of choice with an option of regulating the window’s size and opacity. You can also embed customized texts and banners to the video or even draw on the fly with your favorite color. The app does not include a watermark and supports video trimming. It also includes external and internal audio recording.

ADV Screen recorder is simple to use, lightweight, free with ads and offers in-add purchases. 

Super Screen Recorder-No Root REC & Screenshot 

Price: Free/ In-app purchases 

Download: Play Store

Platform: 5.1 and up 

Super Screen Recorder is among the best Android screen recorder app with no root required, no time limit, and no watermark. The app is user friendly and boasts of plenty of features and video editing tools to make the Full HD videos more appealing. The recording icons and menu are well-laid out; thus, they are relatively easy and straightforward to understand and use.

Super Screen Recorder offers high-quality screen recording maxing out at 2K, 12Mbps, and 60FPS. You also get to choose from a wide range of resolutions, frame rates, and bit rates. Easily pause and resume screen recording using the floating window or notification bar. Better yet, you can shake your phone to stop recording and hide the floating window.

The app also includes a facecam recorder allowing you to film your reaction via the front camera, especially when gaming. It supports portrait, landscape, and auto screen recording modes. With the app, you can schedule recording and embed watermarks to market your brand.

What makes Super Screen Recorder one of our favorite screen recording apps is the livestreaming feature, which allows you to livestream your screen to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitch, and other platforms that support live RTMP streaming. You can also save video during livestream or set live pause settings, among other live stream options.

The app supports a brush tool to draw a symbol or marks on the screen when recording or over screenshots, an in-built video editor, and a GIF maker. The video editor offers plenty of options, including video trimming, merging videos, compressing video, voice dubbing, video rotate, change video speed, and adding background music.    

With numerous outstanding features available for free, Super Screen Recorder is among the best Android screen recorder apps 2020. It’s available on Play Store for free, supports ads and contains in-app purchases. 

DU Screen Recorder 

Price: Free

Download: Play Store

Platform: Android 5.0 and up. No Root 

DU Screen Recorder lets you record your screen involving games, live streams, videos, live games, chats, and apps for free with no root required, no time limit. The app comes with features such as a pop-up window; no root needed, screenshot supportive, and outstanding video editing tools. It records videos in Full HD maxing out at 1080p and 60FPS.

Users can also customize the video quality parameters, including resolution, frame rates, bit rates, and orientation, either portrait or landscape. The in-built video editors come in handy to edit videos with key functions, including cropping, trimming, merging videos, capturing images from the video, editing audio, and rotating video. You can also include your facial reactions while recording videos the Facecam-good for recording gameplay on your phone.  

In addition to screen recording, DU Recorder supports screenshots and image editing. Seamlessly share recorded videos, game playing, and live shows to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, etc. directly on the app.       

 Other outstanding features on the platform include shake gestures, GIF makers, no recording time limit, countdown timer, and pause/resume recording, among many other features. While all the features are available in a free version without ads or in-app purchases, the app includes a watermark in every video recording or screenshot. Besides, you cannot insert a customized watermark, text, or logo. Nonetheless, it’s still a great Android screen recorder app with great features for free and no root required. 

RecMe Free Screen Recorder 

Price: Free 

Download: Play Store

Platforms: Android 4.1 and up. 

RecMe Screen Recorder has a nice and friendly User Interface for ease of use. This screen recorder app allows you to create HD quality MP4 or MKV videos, i.e., 1080p resolution, 60 fps, and 32 Mbits/s bitrate. It’s free with no recording time limit, no watermark, and compatible with both rooted and unrooted devices.  

On a rooted device, it can record both internal audios as well as video. In non-rooted devices, RecMe can still record internal audio thanks to the internal audio feature. For the best part, you can mix internal audio with microphone audio. Pro users also access front/back camera overlay, recording countdown option, image overlay, and screen drawing.

RecMe screen recorder app allows you to pause and resume while recording. You also get access control widget on the notifications bar for ease of recording. There are other settings to optimize recording performance and quality. 

ScreenCam Screen Recorder 

Price: Free/ In-app purchases 

Download: Play Store

Platform: Android Lollipop 5.0 and above. No Root  

ScreenCam Screen Recorder completes our list of the 10 best Android screen recorder apps 2020. This app doesn’t require any root access and works on all phones with Android Lollipop 5.0 and above. The best thing about this app is that it doesn’t fling annoying ads at you as you try to record your favorite gameplay, video, app, etc. Instead, it lets you record high-quality Full HD videos with an option of choosing from different resolutions, frames per second, and bit rates.

The floating widgets enable you to launch the app and start recording in no time quickly. Floating controls, coupled with clean and light UI, means that you won’t encounter any challenges when using the app.   

ScreenCam allows you to record audio from your phone’s mic while screen recording to attain a beautifully curated tutorial video. The internal audio recording feature, however, requires root and magisk module. You’re also allowed to pause and resume recording from notification actions or floating controls. Enjoy the camera overlay feature while recording as well as the in-app video trimmer.

Unlike other screen recording apps, ScreenCam allows you to choose the custom storage folder for privacy purposes. However, the app lacks notable features such as in-built editing features and picture-in-picture mode meaning you can’t record yourself with the front camera while screen recording. Nonetheless, it’s still an amazing screen recording app with intuitive features. 

Final Words 

Android phones, unlike Apple devices, don’t feature an in-built screen recording tool-a a major limiting factor when trying to record what’s happening on your screen in real-time. There are various options you can screen record on your Android phone from Android skins, Android SDK (Software Development Kit), and the Android Debug Bridge (ADB) to third-party apps. 

Android Screen Recorder apps present an avenue to flawlessly record your screen without necessarily rooting your device or overcoming particular challenges. Some like the ones discussed above come with a wealth of features such as Facecam, editing tools, internal audio, live streaming, etc. for additional functionality. Download any screen recorder of your choice and start recording your screen to share with friends.

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