Best Drone Accessories: Must-Have Drone Gears in 2020

It’s safe to say that drones have taken the market by storm. Just a decade ago, they were expensive and usually reserved for people who were using them for work. These days, anyone can take the skies with a drone of their own, and this opens up a whole world of possibilities!

Whether you’re into exploration, photography, or adventuring, you will find that a drone can tick each of those boxes perfectly. Some of the best footage seen in the media these days is captured via drones, and you too could be filming stunning videos of your neighborhood or your vacation!

Since drones are often quite expensive, it’s important that you deck yours out with the latest set of the best drone accessories. Unsure where to find them? Don’t worry! We’ve done our research and prepared a review of the best drone accessories in 2020. Keep reading to find your new gear!

Do All Drones Require Accessories?

When you buy a new drone, the manufacturer may lead you to believe that you don’t need anything extra. It’s true that some drones may come with extra batteries or even their own carrying case, but if you want to make the most of your device, you should consider going the extra mile. That extra mile comes in the form of drone accessories.

Drone accessories cover a wide range of products, all of which help you take your drone to the next level. Be it a better camera lens, a protective case, or a charging hub, there are many ways to improve your experience when you use your drone.

If you want to keep your drone safe, at top performance, and to make it as useful as it can be, it’s never a bad idea to invest some extra cash. The accessories we cover below all have a great cost-to-effect ratio and are very useful for any drone lover!

What Are Some Of the Best Drone Accessories?

As the popularity of drones is on a never-ending rise, the market continues to rise to meet the growing demands for high-quality drone accessories. There are countless accessory options for drones. Some of them are pure quality of life additions, while some others can be regarded as necessities.

Among the accessories that we cover in our review, you will find the following:

  • Drone bags
  • Cleaning kits
  • FPV goggles
  • Cameras
  • Drone smart controllers
  • Drone monitors
  • Memory cards
  • Charging hubs
  • Tablet brackets
  • Sleeves
  • …and many more!

As you can see, the array of accessories that awaits you is massive. Let’s get right to our recommendations!

Best Drone Accessories in 2020

Going in blind when you shop only means one thing — an unnecessary expense you may not be happy with. Whether you’re buying for yourself or for a friend, check out our list below to make sure that the accessory you get will be a worthy expense!

Lowepro DroneGuard BP250 Drone Backpack

Dimensions:11.42 x 6.69 x 18.50 in
Weight:2.95 lbs
Volume (device):10.00 liters

Drones are sturdier than they seem — they are, after all, built to fly — but they should still be properly cared for. One of the best ways to avoid damage to your drone is to carry it in a protective case made especially for that purpose. And what easier way to do so than to carry a backpack?

This Lowepro DroneGuard drone backpack provides protection for DJI Mavic Pro, DJI Mavic Pro Platinum, and other kinds of drones. It can also fit a 15″ laptop and a 10″ tablet. It has a number of necessary compartments and dividers that secure your belongings even when you’re out hiking.

Other than offering space for the DJI Mavic 2 Pro drone, the transmitter, up to 5 extra batteries, a laptop, and a tablet, this backpack can also carry your personal belongings. It’s the perfect traveling companion for a drone aficionado.


  • Sturdy protective carry case
  • Comes with many extra compartments
  • Can carry a laptop and tablet
  • Keeps all the fragile parts of your drone in good shape


  • It’s a little expensive for that size

KINBON Drone Landing Pad for DJI Spark Mavic Pro Phantom 2/3/4

Dimensions:11 x 8 x 3 inches
Weight:13.1 ounces
Material:Waterproof Nylon Material
 Open Size:30”/75cm, Fold Size: 11”/28cm

A landing pad for drones is a great way to not only practice your flight skills but mainly to defend your drone from crashing into the ground. Using this DJI Mavic 2 Pro landing pad keeps your drone safe regardless of where you choose to land it.

Made out of premium waterproof nylon material, this is a sturdy landing pad that measures 30 inches/75 cm when open. It’s double-sided and brightly colored so as to be easy to spot in the grass.

The pad is equipped with 8 reflective straps and 3 landing nails. This means that thanks to the strips, you’ll be able to see where your drone is even at night. The landing nails ensure that the pad stays securely on the ground even on windy days.


  • Sturdy DJI Mavic 2 Pro landing pad
  • High visibility material
  • Reflective strips for use at night
  • Weather & water-resistant


  • Folding it can be a bit of a challenge

DJI Mavic Mini Two-Way Charging Hub

Dimensions:6.3 x 3.15 x 0.39 inches
Weight:4.2 ounces
Capacity:2400 mAh
Charging Temperature:5° to 40°C (41° to 104°F)

Recharging the batteries found in your drone is one of the most important things you have to make sure to do. Before you head out, it’s crucial to top up your drone. As DJI Mavic Mini is such a popular drone line, DJI also launched a charging hub just for the DJI Mavic Mini.

You can charge multiple battery packs at once thanks to the two-way charging feature in this DJI product. It can hold up to three DJI Mavic Mini batteries and charge them all one after another in sequence. This means that once the first battery is charged, the charger moves on to the next, and then the next. 

Using MB2-2400mAh-7.2V packs, it only takes 4.5 hours to charge all three packs. However, if you use MB3-1100mAh-7.6V batteries in your drone, the time is cut to 2.5 hours, making it a speedy charger.


  • Quick charge for the DJI Mavic Mini
  • Up to three battery packs at once
  • Charges devices with USB Type-A port


  • 4.5 hours for a charge may be too slow for some people

SanDisk 128GB Drone Memory Card

Dimensions:0.04 x 0.59 x 0.43 inches
Weight:0.16 ounces
Size:128 GB
Voltage:1 Volts

Assuming you want to record your drone’s journey, you will need a safe place to store all of those adventures. An SD card is a must-have and one of the best drone accessories for camera users.

Every camera has some kind of built-in storage, but 128GB is going to get you a long way. Using SanDisk, you can store 4K UHD and Full HD videos with up to 160MB/s read speeds. As such videos are very large files, the read speed and the storage both come in handy.

This memory card has been tested to withstand harsh weather conditions. No matter where your drone goes, this card will keep all your memories safe. You can use it with drones such as the DJI Mavic 2, DJI Mavic 2 Zoom, DJI Mavic Air 2, DJI Mavic Mini, DJI Mavic Pro, DJI Phantom 4, and all other DJI drones. Other brands will work too!


  • Rated A2 due to the high transfer and loading speeds
  • 4K UHD and Full HD-ready
  • Temperature-proof, water-proof, shock-proof
  • Suited for all kinds of cameras and drones, such as DJI Mavic Pro, DJI Mavic 2 Zoom, DJI Phantom, and more


  • The transfer speeds may be slower on some devices

Cheerwing 4pcs Lipo Battery and 4-in-1 Charger

Dimensions:5.6 x 4.5 x 1.2 inches
Weight:3.52 ounces
Cell Type:Lithium Polymer
Package Includes:1pcs x charger, 4 pcs x 550mAh batteries

This is a set of 4 3.7V 550mAh 20C lipo drone batteries that also comes with a dedicated lipo battery charger. These flight batteries will fit any drone that operates on this type of battery, including but not limited to the Syma X5SW, X5, X5C, X5C-1, RC. 

Extra batteries are something you should never run out of. When you’re out exploring with your drone, chances are that something may malfunction eventually. If your drone is underperforming, or worse, doesn’t work at all, it’s time for a set of new flight batteries.

These lithium polymer drone batteries are easy to charge with the added charger. You charge 4 at a time and you’re ready to go!


  • Very inexpensive
  • Four batteries in one pack
  • Charger included
  • Simultaneous charging of all batteries


  • Being a budget product, they don’t have the best battery life

Float Landing Gear for DJI Mavic AIR 2

Dimensions:10.35 x 7.36 x 3.15 inches
Weight:11.2 ounces
Quality Warranty:12 months

What if your drone exploration takes you to the sea or the lake? You definitely don’t want to risk your precious electronic buddy ending up in the water. Fortunately, there are ways to take stunning vistas of the sea without putting your device at risk. All you need is the best drone landing gear for DJI Mavic AIR 2.

This is a multi-purpose product. You can use it to raise your drone above unsafe ground, such as to protect it from sand, dirt, or hard concrete. You can also use it to cushion the landing and make it smooth. Lastly, as this DJI Mavic AIR 2 product is waterproof, you can use it for drone landing on water.

It’s easy to use and assemble and can be prepared without any tools. There aren’t many better ways to keep your device safe than through the use of this landing gear.


  • Multi-purpose — water, grass, dirt, sand, and more
  • Cushions any landing
  • Keeps your drone off the ground
  • Reduces vibration when you land


  • It’s only suited for the Mavic AIR 2 and may not work with other DJI drones, such as Mavic Mini

AKASO Brave 4 Underwater Waterproof Action Camera

Dimensions:2.32 x 1.57 x 0.91 inches
Weight:5.6 ounces
Batteries:2 Lithium Polymer batteries required

So you’ve got yourself a drone, but you’re not sure which camera to use it with? There are hundreds, if not thousands of options on the market, but for a drone, you want something sturdy and reliable. One such option is the Akaso Brave 4 action camera.

This camera has 20 megapixels and it’s capable of capturing video at 4k UHD/24 FPS, 2k/30 FPS, or 1080P/60 FPS. These values mean just one thing — you’ll get crystal-clear video quality no matter where you go.

You can adjust the view angle between 170 degrees, 140 degrees, 110 degrees, and 70 degrees. It comes with a smart gyroscope that prevents shaking and stabilizes your image, allowing your drone to take photos on the go. It can safely be used underwater to take underwater pictures, too!


  • High-quality drone camera
  • Sturdy and reliable
  • Waterproof up to 100ft
  • WiFi and HDMI compatible


  • Relatively low FPS when recording at 4k UHD quality
  • The batteries need to be recharged frequently

Skyreat Mavic Mini Air Pro Foldable Mount Holder

Dimensions:7.09 x 3.19 x 2.01 inches
Weight:10.4 ounces
Visible Screen Diagonal:4″ / 11 cm

If you’ve got a DJI drone, you know better than anyone that it’s best to buy brand accessories. This foldable mount holder for drones is made out of aviation aluminum-alloy and it’s as sturdy as it gets. 

This holder will fit the AIR 2, Mavic Mini, Mavic 2 Pro, Mavic 2 Zoom, Mavic Pro, Mavic Platinum, and a DJI spark remote controller. It supports a 120-190mm wide, 4-11 inch iPhone and tablet. 

It’s foldable, perfectly fitted to match the iPhone, and it makes controlling your drone easier than ever.


  • Sturdy CNC technology and aviation aluminum-alloy
  • Perfect fit
  • Easy to use with no extra tools


  • Does not fit the 12″ iPad Pro

PGYTECH Propeller & Holder for DJI Mavic

Dimensions:7.09 x 3.19 x3.5 x 2.5 x 1.5 inches
Weight:0.64 ounces

This is yet another one of the DJI drone accessories found on our list. As that brand dominates the drone market, there has been a number of fantastic accessories produced for these drones. This propeller fix paddle blade holder is no different.

This is an effective DJI drone tool used to protect the propellers during transport or during storage. As drone propellers are some of the most fragile pieces, such a protector comes in handy.

It’s easy to put on and equally easy to take off thanks to the quick-release design. With its lightweight, but sturdy construction, it will fit every bag.


  • Compact and lightweight tool for your DJI drone
  • Suitable for drone fuselage
  • Keeps your propellers safe during transport


  • Does not work with Mavic AIR 2 or Pro 1

Flysight FPV Goggles with DVR

Dimensions:8.11 x 5.63 x 4.45 inches
Weight:1.34 pounds
Channel:Custom Receive Module
Battery:No but with 1pcs 18650 battery case

Drones are heaps of fun all on their own, but not many accessories can make them shine as much as FPV goggles do. These first-person view goggles allow you to see firsthand what your drone’s camera sees, all the while staying safely on the ground.

The goggles also allow you to record everything that is happening without delay. They come with an auto-save function in case of disconnection. They are built with DVR HIDM which makes it possible to adjust the IPD distance as precisely as military units would.

They are powered by a 18650 battery. Once you charge them to full, you can use them for up to 2.5 hours without needing to recharge. 


  • Amazing sights right in front of your eyes
  • They also record video during flight time
  • Auto-save function included
  • Ergonomic & comfy design


  • They do not come with a battery included

Professional Camera Cleaning Kit for DSLR Cameras

Dimensions:6.69 x 5.12 x 1.57 inches
Weight:4.9 ounces
Contents:Air Blower, Lens Cleaning Pen, Lens Tissues, Brush, Cleaning Solution

If there’s one thing that can be said about drone cameras, it’s that they often take quite a beating. Your camera flies up into the air and takes wonderful photos or surveys the area for you. That’s bound to pit it against snow, rain, sand, dust, and other atmospheric effects. The result? A dirty camera lens. 

This professional camera lens cleaning kit for DSLR cameras fixes those issues for you safely. It’s a fully decked out kit that comes with a wide array of cleaning tools, all of them built for use with cameras.

The set includes an air blower to remove dust, a re-usable spray bottle with a cleaning fluid, microfiber cleaning cloths, lens tissues, and a double-sided lens cleaning pen. Easy to use and reliable, this set keeps your drone camera in ship shape.


  • Very comprehensive cleaning set
  • Includes everything you need to clean a camera
  • Suited for DSLR cameras
  • Inexpensive


  • Some of the components are delicate

Mavic Mini Intelligent Flight Battery

Dimensions:3.54 x 1.65 x 2.36 inches
Weight:4.2 ounces
Capacity:2400 mAh
Charging Temperature:5° to 40°C (41° to 104°F)

The Mavic Mini is a highly-rated drone that allows you to take the skies by storm. As it is one of the best drones on the market, it has a wide range of accessories that are built just for it. One of the best drone accessories for Mavic Mini is this intelligent flight battery which is an indispensable tool for your drone.

This is a 2400mAh replacement spare battery that provides you with 30 minutes of flight time. It’s rechargeable and has a rated voltage of 7.2 V, a limited charge voltage of 8.4 V, max charging power of 24W, and a charging temperature that ranges from 5 degrees to 40 degrees Celsius.

This product features an intelligent system that lets you track battery levels in real-time, mid-flight. No more worrying or landing just to check — track it from the ground and fly on!


  • An intelligent battery tracking system
  • Compact and extremely lightweight
  • A durable lithium-polymer battery


  • Only for the Mavic Mini

Ruko F11 Pro Drone Blades

Dimensions:3.98 x 1.57 x 1.14 inches
Weight:1.13 ounces
Material:Corrosion Resistant Plastic

Drone blades are amongst the most fragile and easy-to-break parts of any drone. If yours has encountered a problem, or you simply want to think ahead, it’s good to stock up on these affordable drone blades.

These drone blades were made for the Ruko F11 Pro GPS RC Quadcopter Drone, but they may function with others — check your user’s manual. They’re made out of high-quality plastic which ensures a lightweight and smooth performance.

Despite their light structure, these blades are strong and resist corrosion perfectly, so they’re durable regardless of the weather.


  • Lightweight construction
  • High strength
  • Corrosion-resistant


  • Some users prefer plastic over metal

DJI Goggles FPV Drone Accessory

Dimensions:11.3 x 11.1 x 7.2 inches
Weight:2.2 pounds
Resolution:1080p/30fps, 720p/30fps, 720p/60fps
Batteries:1 Lithium ion Batteries

To treat yourself or that drone fan in your life, there’s no better way than to get a pair of DJI FPV goggles. These goggles help you take your adventures to the next level, and this is a high-end model that meets every demand.

With a 5 inch display and the ability to capture video in 1080p, these goggles don’t just take you along for the ride, they preserve it for you for future viewing. They have dual screens: 1920×1080 HD (1080p/30 FPS) and 720p/60 FPS, both producing a lifelike experience.

They come with an integrated touchpad, USB and HDMI connectivity, a 3.5mm audio jack, and lastly, micro USB & microSD support.


  • Dual high-quality screens
  • Video capture in two different modes
  • Flight mode support
  • Lightweight, easy to wear design


  • They’re rather pricey

FVM Mavic Mini Night Flight Lamp

Dimensions:3.26 x 2.12 x 1.06 inches
Weight:2.08 ounces
Rotate:180 Degrees
Material:Aluminum, LED Lights

Drones don’t just excel during the daytime, they are also capable of taking beautiful photos at nighttime. However, the lack of extra light can be a factor that contributes to pictures looking worse than they possibly could.

Other than lighting the way for your drone, it also makes it visible for miles. You’ll never have to wonder where it went, as you will always easily spot it. The LED lamp holder rotates at a 180-degree angle and provides multi-angle light, shining forward and downward simultaneously.

Made out of aluminum alloy, this flight lamp will withstand not just the extra voltage from the added light but also the pressure of being in the air. It’s a reliable & fun addition to any drone.


  • Improves the quality of nighttime photos
  • Makes your drone visible from afar
  • The lamp can rotate at 180 degrees
  • Sturdy material


  • Only suited for the DJI Mini Mavic


A decade or two ago, no one would have guessed how commonplace drones would become. Even just a few years ago, most people didn’t have one. These days, drones are loved both by kids and adults alike, and the market is teeming with accessories.

Whether it’s Christmas or a birthday, a drone accessory is always a good present, for yourself or for your loved ones. Take your pick from the list above and elevate your flight to the next level!

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