Best Health Apps For Your iPhone & Android Smartphone in 2020

Do you remember life before smartphones became so commonplace? Some people will tell you that those were simpler and better times. We’re not here to pick up that argument, but facts speak for themselves — smartphones DO make our lives easier in many, many ways. One of the greatest improvements is the creation of health apps.

What does the term “health app” even stand for, you may ask? Health apps contribute to our emotional and physical well-being. It could be something like an app that helps you lose weight, a workout planner, a calorie counter, step counter, or medicine tracker. There are also apps for meditation, yoga, mood trackers, and other mental health-related programs. There’s something out there for everyone!

Fitness & wellness programs can truly change your life for the better, but how do you choose the one for you? There are so many out there, and only some are worth your while. We’ve tested many of them in order to be able to answer the question: what are the best health apps in 2020? 

Spare yourself the research and check out our list. You might be just one handy (often free!) app away from a massive improvement in your quality of life!

What is the number 1 health and fitness app?

There are lots of healthy living and fitness apps out there. In fact, new ones are being made every single day. Only some make it to the top of the App Store or Google Play Store, which are app stores for iOS and Android respectively. 

Oftentimes, the greatest app for your iPhone will differ from the one for Android smartphones. However, in the case of the coveted #1 spot, the answer is clear as day. For many years now, the best health and fitness app has been MyFitnessPal.


Platform: iOS, Android

If you’ve ever had any interest in healthy living, weight loss, or nutrition, you’ve probably tried many apps for fitness. You may have also heard of MyFitnessPal. What is this app all about?

MyFitnessPal is a free calorie and exercise tracking app. It can be used for losing, gaining, or maintaining weight. Since its creation all the way back in 2005, it has helped millions of users turn their life around and lose or gain weight.

MyFitnessPal has, by far, the biggest library of foods and drinks out of all other options. You can use its barcode nutrition scanner, import recipes, or search for products. It goes beyond the standard average calorie count for a given food item (as an example, the calories for a glass of milk or an orange). Instead, MyFitnessPal’s library has thousands of brands and their products with their accurate calorie count. No more guessing!

Using MyFitnessPal is as easy as pie (or an apple, if you’re on a diet). You input your height, weight, age, and a few other things. The app then calculates your desired calorie count per day, as well as your macros (carbs, protein, fats, sugars). 

Once that’s done, you’re given your daily goal. Afterward, all you have to do is track everything you eat. You can also track your exercise, including simpler exercises such as walking or cleaning. 

MyFitnessPal has consistently made it onto every list of 10 best health apps for years, and we don’t see that changing anytime soon. This is definitely ranked high amongst the best health apps for iPhone and Android smartphones. It’s worth noting that it’s free to use, but it also has premium plans if you want to get more out of it.

What is the best free health app?

The definition of “free health app” is quite broad. Many free applications have a good effect on your overall health. Be it best workouts apps, weight loss apps, heart rate monitors, or mental health apps, there’s enough in here to pick and choose. You can always get something perfect for your needs, completely for free!

To make things easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of the best health apps for both iOS and Android. Read on to get your new favorite!

Charity Miles

Platform: iOS, Android

It’s impossible not to start our list with this particular app. This app, other than keeping you healthy, actually donates to charity. Help yourself by helping others — that’s the goal here!

Generous corporate sponsors donate to an organization of your choice whenever you use the app to record miles. This can be done while walking, running, or cycling. Every mile you complete amounts to a few cents donated to your favorite charity.

You’re able to pick and choose from many different charities, set yourself goals, and most of all, track how much exercise you’ve done. This helps you lose or maintain weight while making it all count for something more.

Some of the organizations that this free app donates to are Habitat for Humanity, UNICEF, Save the Children, ASPCA, and more. Every little step counts towards making the world a better place, and you don’t have to do it alone. This app lets you run pledge drives that allow you to raise money with your friends, family, or complete strangers.

Staying healthy while donating to charity is a double win in our book. If you’re of the same opinion, get Charity Miles today.


Platform: iOS, Android

8fit is amongst the best health apps for both Android and iOS. It’s especially great if you feel you need some guidance on your journey to a healthier life.

8fit helps you create a personalized nutrition and exercise program based on what you want to do. You can choose between losing weight, strength training, and getting fitter and toned. You can then narrow down your goal, such as losing a certain amount of weight, reducing your body fat, or gaining muscle. Next, you set a realistic timeframe to achieve your goal, be it losing weight in three months or exercising every day for three weeks.

The magic of this app lies in how specific it is. It takes a lot of factors into consideration. You’ll be asked about your daily habits, such as what time of day you usually exercise. 8fit will also consider whether you like cooking or prefer to keep things simple.

Once everything is set-up, you’ll use 8fit to follow along with workout videos, log everything you eat, and even create meal plans with 8fits help. This app even helps you prepare a shopping list for your grocery store trip.

8fit is a free app, but it also has premium paid plans if you want to take things to the next level. However, if you don’t want to spend any money, you can get a lot out of the free version, too. Get it if you want to make a real difference in your life.

Sleep Cycle

Platform: iOS, Androind

There’s more to being healthy than just working out and eating well. Sleep plays a vital role in how you feel & your overall health. This is why Sleep Cycle, the free sleep tracker for iOS and Android, is so important.

If you don’t sleep enough, you will start seeing the consequences in a short time. You’ll feel tired, groggy, and irritated. You may be more susceptible to headaches or muscle pain. Most of all, your body will struggle to perform its most basic actions, such as maintaining your blood sugar, balancing hormone levels, and repairing blood vessels. On the other hand, a good night of sleep will keep you cheerful and alert throughout the day.

Sleep Cycle helps you track everything related to your sleep. It keeps a diary of when you go to bed, when you wake up, and your quality of sleep. It also tracks your heart rate while you’re asleep, which is especially important if you have an arrhythmia. 

One of our favorite features of Sleep Cycle is that it wakes you up during the lightest phase of your sleep. Waking up at the right moment means you’ll get to feel refreshed and ready to face the day. Since this free app keeps tabs on your sleeping cycle, it knows when it’s time to wake you up!


Platform: iOS, Android

The importance of mental well-being in our daily life cannot be overstated. These days, many people suffer from depression, anxiety, insomnia, and other mental issues. Even if you’re simply stressed, it’s bound to affect your quality of life. If you’re looking for a way to wind down, overcome your negative thoughts, and relieve stress, get Happify.

Happify is a free tool that uses scientifically proven methods to help you improve your daily life. If you’re feeling sad, stressed, or anxious, this app offers a whole lot of solutions. The techniques provided by Happify are all created by professionals and based on positive psychology, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), and mindfulness.

This is more than just a free app — it’s a self-improvement tool. It can be used on a variety of devices, from smartphones to tablets to desktop computers. Using this app, you can track your daily moods, leave notes, and perform activities based on how you feel.

Happify helps you with things such as building self-confidence, conquering stress and self-doubt, meditation, and anxiety relief. It’s amongst the best health apps for anyone that lives in a constant rush.

What is the best health app for Android?

If you’re a fan of Android and want the perfect fitness app for your Samsung, Huawei, Sony, Xiaomi, or another Android smartphone, check out our favorites below.


Platform: iOS, Android

Meditation is one of the most recommended ways to tend to your mental wellness. It sounds easy enough, but it’s actually not the simplest thing to learn. Getting into that headspace takes time and effort… which is why Headspace is there — to make it easier for you to meditate.

This free app teaches you how to meditate. It explores mindfulness, stress management, finding happiness, and stress relief. It comes with several courses that can teach you many useful tips and tricks for your mental health. As an example, the Basic course teaches you the basics of meditation, while the Letting Go of Stress course focuses on anxiety meditation.

There are also courses that boost your productivity — perfect for students — and courses that help you fall asleep. It’s not just about meditation, either. The Move Mode in Headspace shows you mood-boosting workouts and audio-guided cardio to stay healthy.

Headspace also supports both sleep and waking up. You can begin your day with a series of videos that brighten your mood. Alternatively, you can go to sleep under the best conditions with sleep music and wind-down exercises.

StrongLifts 5×5

Platform: iOS, Android

Exercise is more than just cardio. Weight lifting is just as important for building muscle mass, losing weight, and toning up. If you want to get fit, StrongLifts is always listed amongst the best health apps & free tracking apps on iOS and Android that helps you bulk up.

Whether you’re into bodybuilding or you’re losing weight and want to avoid loose skin, this app has got you covered. It’s one of the most effective free home workout planners. It times your exercise, lets you log your lifting workouts, and helps you plan for the future.

The exercise model here is simple enough. It relies on you doing three exercises, three times a week, for 45 minutes at a time. That’s right — just three days a week are enough to build muscle in a healthy way without hurting yourself. This app replaces a gym membership and a free personal trainer all in one.

StrongLifts has features such as recording weights, sets, and reps, an interactive workout planner, a monthly tracker, and more. It’s your one-stop shop to weight lifting and strength & core exercises. You can use it to leave notes, record your body weight, muscle mass, and many more. 

If you want to bulk up for free, StrongLifts is likely among the best health apps for your Android smartphone.

What is the best health app for iOS?

If you’re a faithful fan of the iPhone, iPad, and other Apple devices, you surely want to have the best health apps for Apple products. Just as Google Play for Android, the Apple App Store has loads of great apps to pick from. Here are our two favorites.

FitBit Coach

Platform: iOS, Android

You’ve probably heard of a FitBit — a digital, watch-like device to track your exercise — but did you know about FitBit Coach? This is a standalone free app for iOS and Android that can be used even if you don’t own a FitBit. Treat it as a virtual personal trainer of sorts!

FitBit Coach lets you follow along with workout videos. It’s ideal for working out at home because these videos can be followed from nearly anywhere. Although it’s free, it’s recommended that you check out the premium plan to get the most of it. You can start with the free version first and upgrade later.

This free app offers access to all sorts of different workout options, such as stretching, yoga, strength training, cardio, and more. You get the true experience of working with a fitness coach here, as the videos feature real trainers that walk you through every step.

You can choose your fitness plan, create a personalized routine, and choose based on the activity you want to do. The app helps you along as you create your perfect exercise plan. If you’re interested in the best health apps for working out at home, FitBit Coach is a strong contender.

Argus: Calorie & Step Counter

Platform: iOS, Android

Walking, jogging, running… Are you a fan of this most basic form of cardio? If you aren’t, now is a good time to learn to love it. Walking is one of the best ways to build endurance, stamina, and tend to your fitness without pushing yourself too hard. In order to keep track of how much you actually walk, you should use a free step counter like Argus.

Argus lets you connect with others and work towards your goals with the support of the community. You can log all of your activities — it doesn’t even have to be related to counting your steps! Any physical activity can be logged and added to your total.

It comes with features such as instant heart rate, stress test, barcode scanner for your groceries, a GPS activity tracker, and steps challenges. There’s even a sleep cycle feature that helps you keep tabs on your sleep.

This is a very well-built app for fitness that covers almost everything you need for losing weight. If you use it diligently, you’re bound to see good results!

What is the best weight loss app in 2020?

Losing weight is one of the most common reasons why you might want to try the best health apps featured in our review. Picking the right app is the key to your health and your success, so it’s good that you’re researching! We’re here to make that easier for you — check out the best health apps for losing weight. They work amazing combined with these fitness gadgets!

Lose It!

Platform: iOS, Android

Lose It is similar to MyFitnessPal in a lot of ways, but it also has a set of unique features. It’s one of the ultimate weight reduction programs available in 2020. 

This app lets you set your goals and receive personalized tips, such as how many calories a day you should be eating. It also helps you stay accountable by letting you track every meal. When you can see the number of calories written plain as day on the screen of your smartphone, you know exactly what changes you need to make.

Other than tracking your meals, Lose It helps you track how much water you consume every day. Drinking the right amount of water is crucial to weight loss and this app assists you with that. Staying hydrated is super-important!

Last but not least, Lose It tracks your macros. Many popular diets rely on consuming the right amounts of protein, carbs, or sugar. Especially if you’re trying a keto diet, you’ll love the carb tracker in Lose It.


Platform: iOS, Android

As the key to losing some weight often lies in calorie counting, it’s no wonder that food tracker apps are so popular. MyPlate is one of them, but not just that. It’s an all-in-one calorie counter, recipe book, workout tracker, and weight manager. 

This app lets you track everything you eat, from calories to macronutrients. While seeing macros is a part of MyFitnessPal’s paid plan, in MyPlate it’s free. This means you can keep track of those pesky carbs and sugars without having to pay for it.

When you get started, MyPlate asks you some basic questions about your fitness level, body composition, weight, and more. It checks how active you are and lets you pick your ideal weight. Then, it allows you to choose how much weight you want to lose each week with a maximum of 2 lbs per week. This ensures a healthy, sustainable loss of weight.

Based on the information you’ve provided, the app estimates how many calories a day you should be eating. From then on, it helps you track every meal. It even provides on-demand exercises that you can do at home with nothing but an exercise mat, saving you money on a gym membership if you don’t want to try that.

This is a very well-rounded app & it ranks high amongst the best health apps for weight loss. Get it to track everything nutrition-related.


It’s never too soon or too late to make positive changes in your life. Be it exercise, losing weight, or even just sleeping better, it’s always good to take even one step towards improvement.

The best health apps in 2020 ensure that you’re not fighting alone and they help you feel amazing. Especially if you combine these apps with some of the best health gadgets!

With the apps found above, you’re always supported on your journey to a better life. Get started today & you’ll thank yourself in just a few short weeks!

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