Best Keyboard For iPad 2020: Product Reviews And A Buyer’s Guide

Apple iPads are incredible devices-they are super thin, incredibly fast packed with boundless battery life. However, like any other tablet, typing on the Apple iPad can be frustrating at times. From touching the wrong keys on the fluid touchscreen to improper positioning of the device, you’ll quickly get tired typing. Therefore, if you’ll need to get work done quickly and efficiently with minimal frustrations, a physical keyboard is your ace in the hole. 

The best keyboard for iPad will convert your tablet into a powerful compact laptop ideal for typing up notes and projects. Physical keyboards not only make your tablet feel a bit tactile but also enhances screen visibility by freeing valuable screen space when typing. They also grant access to handy function keys like Cut, Copy and Paste as well as Search and Home keys which go at greater lengths to make typing seamless.    

In choosing an ideal keyboard for your iPad, you can opt for Apple’s own Wireless keyboard or third-party options which come in all-in-one combination, i.e. case, stand and keyboard. External keyboards also come in a wide range of designs ranging from thin, flexible options to sturdy yet compact designs. Here are the best keyboards for your iPad 2020.

8 Best Keyboards For iPad in 2020

Apple Magic Keyboard 

Ideal For: An 11-inch or 12.9-inch 2018 or 2020 iPad Pro. 


Apple Magic Keyboard stands out from the rest attributed to its sleek design, sturdy construction with a trackpad to provide a fantastic typing experience. This wireless keyboard floats your iPad Pro off the surface, creating a laptop-like look for ease of typing. Typing of the keyboard is undeniably comfortable and precise attributed to a variety of features. Enjoy fast typing achieved by the precise feedback given on each press.

Magic Keyboard comes with an in-built rechargeable battery and boasts of enhanced features. A distinguishable feature in this iPad keyboard is the stable scissor mechanism underneath each key to offer an outstanding typing quality. Also, the low profile, combined with the optimized key travel offers an unusually comfortable and precise typing experience. 

Better yet, the floating iPad’s screen angle can be adjusted accordingly either to lean back a bit more or frontwards and offer the desired typing posture. The keyboard’s case has built-in strong magnets to hold the tablet firmly in place, ensuring it won’t fall off when typing. 

The case can also charge the iPad via a USB Type-C connector on the side. Charging your iPad using the case would leave your tablet’s USB Type-C port free so that you can use a can either connect a USB hub or any other accessory. 

Apple Magic Keyboard is backlit thus can be used in lowlight conditions. It’s also great for use on both a desk and your lap.

Why You Should Buy It: Apple Magic Keyboard is well designed to offer an outstanding typing experience. It boasts plenty of features such as a scissor mechanism underneath each key for enhanced stability, key travel and a lower profile all contributing to a superb typing experience. With this keyboard, you’ll effectively turn your iPad to a functional laptop. The keyboard is also compatible with Apple iMac. 

Why You Shouldn’t Buy It: With the price starting at around $300, the Magic Keyboard is quite expensive. It’s also compatible with either the iPad Pro 12.9 or the iPad Pro 11 via Bluetooth. This means that other previous iPad flagships are locked out. The Magic Keyboard doesn’t provide any form of protection to your iPad plus it lacks a dedicated software for customization as with other best iPad keyboards. 

Logitech K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard

Ideal For: iPad owners looking for a great wireless iPad keyboard at an affordable price and with plenty of features.  


The Logitech K380 keyboard is giving Apple’s in-house keyboards real competition. This wireless keyboard is compact and lightweight, thus easy to carry around with your iPad. What’s great about the keyboard is that it has multi-device pairing feature meaning that it can pair up to three devices via Bluetooth with a wireless range of up to 10m. The easy-switch feature allows for fast and seamless switching between the three connected devices. 

Typing on the keyboard is very comfortable. The keyboard has scissor switches to enhance stability for a remarkable typing experience. Additionally, the keys are well spaced to reduce typos and ensure fast typing. While it doesn’t have a wrist rest, the sculpted, rounded keys which are designed to match the shape of your fingertips ensures you won’t fatigue when typing for long hours. It’s also very quiet to type on-you will not bother others around you.  

The keyboard comes with an ultra-portable and silent mouse (Logitech Pebble M355 Portable Wireless Mouse) with Bluetooth and USB receiver for enhanced productivity. Of course, this comes at an extra cost. The keyboard comes with two pre-installed AAA alkaline batteries that can last up to two years.   

The keyboard can be customized via the Logitech Options software allowing you to reprogram various keys to bring about desired functions. The Logitech K380 keyboard comes in a variety of colors to complement your working space. 

The major downside of this affordable keyboard is that it lacks backlighting, thus cannot be used in dark environments. 

Why You Should Buy It: The Logitech K380 keyboard is slim, lightweight and beautiful. The minimalist layout makes typing fast and more comfortable. It’s great for your iPad plus can be used with other non-Apple devices.

Why You Shouldn’t Buy It: While it’s quite affordable with outstanding features, the Logitech K380 keyboard lacks backlighting. This could be a hindrance when using it in a dark environment. 

Apple Smart Keyboard Folio 

Ideal For: The Apple Smart Keyboard is an affordable Apple keyboard ideal for the 7th generation iPad, the 3rd generation iPad Air, the iPad Pro 10.5, 12.9-inch and the iPad Pro 11. It seamlessly attached to the iPad Pro via the arguably most underused feature on the iPad Pro-the smart connector on the back of the tablets.


Apple Smart Keyboard is an affordable alternative to the Magic Keyboard. This iPad keyboard is well designed to deliver exceptional typing experience on a full-size keyboard. The keyboard seamlessly integrates to your iPad via the intelligent docking connector found at the back. No pairing is required, simply attach to your iPad Pro and start typing right away. 

The Apple Smart Keyboard, unlike the Magic Keyboard, offers some degree of protection. The soft lining covers the screen when the iPad is not in use. Also, you don’t have to remove the keyboard when you want to use the tablet as a tablet. Simply fold down the keyboard to become a slim lightweight cover at the back of the iPad. 

The typing experience is undeniably intuitive and very comfortable. The keyboard layout is full-size with each key designed for a springy movement and a precise response. The keys are well spaced and are constructed with spill-resistant woven fabric. 

The keyboard doesn’t require any form of charging-it draws its power from the iPad. Type on unlimitedly as long as your iPad has some charge. The Smart Keyboard is solid enough to be used on either a desk or your lap.    

Why You Should Buy It: The Apple Smart Keyboard Folio comes with great features at a reasonable price. It delivers a great typing experience with no charging or pairing required. Also, its lightweight cover protects both the front and back of your iPad. 

Why You Shouldn’t Buy It: The major downside of this iPad keyboard is there isn’t a backlight, and also the keys are quite noisy. You’ll also need to get used to it to type a little bit more quickly.       

Logitech Slim Folio Pro 

Preview Product Rating Price
Logitech SLIM FOLIO PRO for iPad Pro 11-inch (1st Gen) Logitech SLIM FOLIO PRO for iPad Pro 11-inch (1st Gen) 1,213 Reviews $50.25

Ideal For: Logitech’s Slim Folio keyboard is ideal for a 2017 or 2018 reasonably priced iPads. The keyboard comes with a case which provides a stand for iPad and protects it as well. It achieves laptop-style typing on your iPad. 


Logitech is known for manufacturing high-quality portable keyboards, and the Slim Folio Pro affirms this reputation. This best keyboard for iPad employs Logitech’s robust scissor-switch keyboard design with fine and responsive keys for prolonged typing without fatigue. 

The keyboard seamlessly connects to your iPad via Bluetooth. You won’t experience any challenges in setting up and using the keyboard. The magnetic dock comes in handy to hold the keyboard in an upright position for a more comfortable typing experience. The dock also acts as a power switch to save on battery when the keyboard is not in use. 

Logitech Slim Folio keyboard layout takes after that of a standard laptop, making it easier to use even for beginners. It also has comprehensive iPad-specific keyboard shortcuts allowing you to access the home screen quickly, adjust the brightness of backlit keys, control media playback and volume plus as well as other handy functions. 

The durable case has a secure magnetic latch to protect your iPad from spills, scratches and bumps. The magnetic latch also provides space-a storage loop-where you can charge and store your Apple Pencil (2nd generation). The light case makes it highly portable.

 Logitech Slim Folio Pro keyboard allows you to work in three distinct use modes meaning that you can work efficiently whether you’re using your iPad on your lap, a café table or a work desk. 

Why You Should Buy it: Nice and responsive backlight keys, familiar, laptop-style keyboard with iPadOS shortcut keys, light and protective case as well as reliable Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity makes Logitech Slim Folio Pro keyboard the best keyboard for iPad. 

Why You Shouldn’t Buy It: The keyboard may add some bulk when attached to your iPad. This will easily be noticed when using the iPad as a tablet with the keyboard folded on the backside.  

Brydge Pro Keyboard 

Ideal For: The Brydge Pro keyboard is a great alternative for the Apple Magic keyboard. It’s ideal for both the iPad Pro 12.9 and the iPad Pro 11. Its design is similar to a MacBook keyboard and offers “MacBook-like” typing experience. 


If you’re looking for the best keyboard for iPad without breaking the bank, the Brydge pro keyboard is your ideal option. The keyboard design and layout are very similar to a MacBook keyboard constituting the same responsive keys with perfect tactile feedback. It features 100% solid aluminum construction which the company claims to be thinner than the MacBook Air when attached to the iPad Pro. The sturdy construction means that you don’t need a rear stand to keep the iPad Pro and keyboard securely in place. 

The iPads effortlessly slips into two hinges on the keyboard, creating a laptop-style clamshell design which is highly reminiscent of a MacBook. You can easily adjust the iPad to any angle up to 180-degrees or fold the keyboard to the back of the iPad (like a MacBook lid) to attain a tablet mode. The keyboard can also be easily removed if you want to use your iPad without the bulkiness of the case.  

The tactile keys are well spaced with backlighting that integrates three levels of brightness. The keyboard features industry-leading 4.1 Bluetooth pairing for fast connectivity. It also comes with iOS special function keys for ease of use. You can also integrate with iPadOS 13 using the Brydge Connect app. 

Brydge Pro keyboard comes with an in-built rechargeable battery with a battery life of up to three months. The keyboard also comes with a snap-on magnetic cover to protect your iPad Pro from dents or scratches. The compact design makes it travel friendly. 

Why You Should Buy it: Brydge Pro keyboard is regarded as an affordable version of the Apple Magic keyboard. This keyboard will effectively transform your tablet into a MacBook look and feel allowing you to use it anywhere, anytime. Adjustable backlighting, versatile viewing angles, tactile typing and iOS special function keys make the Brydge Pro the best keyboard for iPad. 

Why You Shouldn’t Buy It: Brydge keyboard comes with an oversized trackpad which could sometimes be a hindrance to fast typing.    

Zagg Rugged Book Keyboard 

Ideal For: The Zagg Rugged Book is perfect for iPad Minis to provide plenty of protection via the case as well an excellent typing experience via the keyboard. It’s a great option if you’re constantly on the move with your iPad. 


The Zagg Rugged Book features two parts-a detachable keyboard and a super-tough case. The case is constructed from polycarbonate and silicone; thus, it’s strong enough to withstand impacts and drops from up to 6.6 feet. While it will add a little bit bulk to your iPad Pro, it will adequately protect it from drops over 6 feet as well as other impacts. The case supports your iPad and allows a range of viewing angles.

The keyboard connects your iPad via Bluetooth and can also simultaneously pair to a second device-maybe your MacBook or iPhone. You can flawlessly flip between the two devices between them with a quick toggle. 

The keyboard is well designed encompassing full laptop-style keys with good tactile feedback; thus, you can type for long hours without fatigue. The keys are also backlit with seven different lighting colors to choose from. Better yet, the keyboard is detachable from the case holding the iPad. Enjoy typing at a short distance from your iPad.  

Zagg Rugged Keyboard comes with an in-built rechargeable battery which can last for two years with an hour’s use each day. It also saves battery charge by going to sleep automatically when not in use. The case also consists of very secure slots for holding the Apple Pencil in proper position against the magnetic charging port.

Why You Should Buy It:  Zagg Rugged Book is the best iPad keyboard if you’re looking for a well-designed full laptop-style keyboard with added protection for your iPad. The keyboard is backlit, detachable, pairable with two devices simultaneously and comes packed with a long-life rechargeable battery. It offers excellent typing experience as well as enhanced protection.   

Why You Shouldn’t Buy It: While the case offers enhanced protection to your iPad, it adds about 1kg to the overall weight of the tablet. The added weight makes your iPad a little bit heavier compromising on the portability. 

Logitech Combo Touch Keyboard 

Ideal For: Logitech Combo Touch is ideal for 3rd generation iPad Air and iPad Pro. The sturdy construction, precision trackpad and well-spaced backlit keys make typing extraordinarily comfortable and enjoyable. 


Logitech Combo Touch keyboard combines stellar design with sturdy construction tough enough to protect your expensive tablet. This wireless keyboard features a thick and durable construction with an enormous rubber and thick padding to protect your iPad.   

An outstanding feature on the Logitech Combo Touch keyboard is the precision trackpad which allows you to use familiar multi-gesture controls to navigate your iPad in a whole new way. Use multi-finger gesture controls such as swiping and scrolling to navigate apps, edit documents, or even build presentations quickly with high accuracy and precision. 

The backlit keys are well spaced, enabling you to type away comfortably and accurately. What’s more, the keyboard integrates a full row of iOS shortcut keys for enhanced functionality. Backlit keys come with adjustable brightness levels enabling you to type even in the darkest of rooms. 

The keyboard, as well as the trackpad, effortlessly connects to your iPad in just a single click via the Smart Connector. Once paired with your iPad, the keyboard instantly powers on. The keyboard draws power from the connected iPad-there is no need for constant recharging and even batteries aren’t included.  

The Logitech Combo Touch keyboard comes with an adjustable kickstand (40° of tilt) which props up the iPad such that you can use the keyboard on your lap, on a work desk or even on a table in a café. The keyboard supports four different use modes, i.e. type mode, sketch mode, view mode and read mode. The different use modes, coupled with the adjustable kickstand, allows you to comfortably use the iPad for any task ranging from typing to watching videos. If need be, you can as well detach the keyboard and use your iPad the way you bought it. 

Why You Should Buy It: Logitech Combo Touch keyboard is the best iPad keyboard when it comes to a versatile and protective iPad keyboard. It’s also reasonably priced and supports four use modes with an adjustable kickstand. 

Why You Shouldn’t Buy It: Logitech Combo Touch keyboard is quite bulky. You’ll have to detach it when using your iPad as a tablet. 

Fintie Keyboard Case for iPad Pro 11″

Ideal For: If you’re looking for the cheapest alternative in regards to the best iPad Keyboard, the Fintie Keyboard Case is a viable option. The keyboard retails at under $30 and comesx packed with great features. Note that it’s specifically designed for iPad Pro 11 Inch (1st Generation 2018). It’s not compatible with iPad Pro 11 2020 or any other iPad. 


Despite the low price, Fintie Keyboard offers a decent typing experience that makes it a worthy alternative to some high-end wireless keyboard for iPad. The keyboard features a protective case for your iPad Pro and a detachable keyboard. The case is ultra-slim with durable PU leather cover and anti-slip rubber lining the interior to provide maximum protection to your tablet with minimal bulk. Also, the polycarbonate shell properly locks your tablet and absorbs impacts from bumps and drops. 

For a comfortable typing experience, the keys are well spaced with spring mechanism underneath each key, ensuring a tactile response with every stroke. You’ll type faster and for longer with minimal fatigue.  

The case has a stretchable elastic pencil pocket to store and carry your iPad Pencil on the go securely. The stand is easily adjustable, allowing you to position your iPad accordingly for a comfortable typing experience.

Fintie Keyboard comes in a variety of colors and styles. 

Why You Should Buy It: Fintie Keyboard is a basic keyboard but with remarkable features for a decent typing experience. At that price, the keyboard is an excellent alternative to more expensive models with almost similar features. 

Why You Shouldn’t Buy It: Finite Keyboard ultra-thin case design makes it less protective. It may not be able to sustain massive impacts. 

Closing Words 

When it comes to choosing the best iPad keyboard, it’s imperative to consider several key features such as typing experience, protection, ease of use as well as connectivity. The best iPad keyboards should offer an intuitive comfortable typing experience, provide a great deal of protection from bumps, drops, scratches and scuffs as well as be easy to connect and use. The best iPad keyboard will effectively convert your iPad into a powerful laptop-like device for optimized productivity.   

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