Intel vs AMD: Who Makes Better CPUs in 2020?


Intel and AMD have been around for years. Both companies deliver excellent solutions when it comes to computer hardware. They are each other’s biggest competitors, and every year they release new hardware, including CPUs. Each and every time, they try to surpass one another. If you’re at all interested in the desktop PC scene, you …

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Lenovo IdeaPad L340: A Gaming Laptop Full Review


Just a few years ago, if you’d have thought of gaming, you’d probably have imagined a bulky desktop PC. It’s only recently that the mindset has begun to shift away from the large PCs and towards much more portable, but no less powerful, gaming laptops. Of course, gaming desktops have their advantages, but don’t listen …

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Upcoming Survival Games For PC 2020


2020 may have started out on a shallow note attributed to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has disrupted close to all events in the world. But to enthusiastic gamers, 2020 is still a promising year thanks to the numerous upcoming survival games lined up to be released across the various gaming platforms. Following the immense success …

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What’s the Best Gaming Laptop in 2020? Check out Our Top Picks

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Over the years, as the gaming scene had evolved, brands all stepped up to provide the players with the best gaming gear out there. Peripherals, chairs, and merchandise made exclusively for gamers? Check! But the universal truth is that none of that matters too much without a really good gaming laptop to play your games …

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Best Laptops Under $800. Our Top Recommendations for 2020

Best Laptops Under 0

With the advancement of technology, particularly in the portable devices industry, choosing an ideal laptop that fits your budget, and both physical appearance and technical needs, is daunting. And with a budget limit of $800, it surely can get challenging to choose the best laptops under $800 thanks to a wide variety of laptops available …

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