Best Health Apps For Your iPhone & Android Smartphone in 2020


Do you remember life before smartphones became so commonplace? Some people will tell you that those were simpler and better times. We’re not here to pick up that argument, but facts speak for themselves — smartphones DO make our lives easier in many, many ways. One of the greatest improvements is the creation of health …

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Fastest Car in GTA V & GTA Online: Best Supercars List


Released six years ago, Grand Theft Auto V is arguably one of the best games ever made. Set in Los Santos and its surrounding desert with a loving recreation of Los Angeles and Southern California, GTA V offers an immersive gaming experience. The game jabs real-life happenings and extensively uses frivolous satire surrounding real-world problems …

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Android Screen Recorder: 10 Best Apps For Recording in 2020


Sometimes when using your smartphone, recording the screen is necessary. Maybe you’re gaming, watching YouTube videos, going through an outrageous WhatsApp thread, or trying to make how-to videos you will need to record the screen and share with someone. A screen recorder (either app or in-built) comes in handy to help you record your phone …

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Best Keyboard For iPad 2020: Product Reviews And A Buyer’s Guide


Apple iPads are incredible devices-they are super thin, incredibly fast packed with boundless battery life. However, like any other tablet, typing on the Apple iPad can be frustrating at times. From touching the wrong keys on the fluid touchscreen to improper positioning of the device, you’ll quickly get tired typing. Therefore, if you’ll need to …

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What is A Smart TV? Benefits And A Buying Advice


Invented in the late 19th century and early 20th century, electronic televisions are arguably the oldest form of modern entertainment. Today, it’s almost impossible to find a household without a television. Since its launch in 1927, televisions have indeed undergone massive transformations from mechanical to electronic to color to digital and now smart televisions. Smart …

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How To Clean A Silicone Case For Apple Products


Silicone cases come in handy to protect our phones from damage caused by an impact and also provide aesthetic values. With time, however, silicone cases tend to get dirty, usually accompanied by a yellow color change. The reason for this is that they’re constantly exposed to environmental conditions such as UV, radiation, humidity, heat, dust, …

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Samsung Galaxy A20 Review: Worth Consideration in 2020?


The Samsung Galaxy A series constitutes mid-range phones with large beautiful screens, long-lasting battery, high-resolution camera, and excellent processing power all under one package. The A-series has been around since 2014. Following Samsung’s decision to end its Galaxy J series, the A-series has received a major revamp in recent times. Samsung Galaxy A20 is the …

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iPhone X vs XR: Which One Is A Better Choice And Why?

iphone x vs xr

Apple has ruled the smartphone market with their iPhones for many years now. Like clockwork, you can always expect a new version to come out and sweep you off your feet once every year or two.  While iPhones have never been cheap, recently, Apple has decided to adopt a similar approach to other smartphone brands. …

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Best iPhone For Gaming: iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone Xs Max or iPhone Xr?


Playing games is a perfect way of passing time and developing your intellect. Today, thanks to phone technological advancement, you don’t need an Xbox, PlayStation, or PC to enjoy high-ranking games with outstanding graphics and audio. With the best gaming phone, you can play your favorite game on the go even when traveling. With so …

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