Sony’s PlayStation 5: Release Date, Specs, Launch Games, Price, Rumors, and More

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Are you excited as us for the Sony PS5 release date? Everything we know so far about the PlayStation 5 is just a scroll away, so lets dive in…..

What We Know So Far About the PS5?

After a long wait (almost a decade), Sony’s PlayStation 5 is coming out this year, and we can’t keep calm. As the Sony PS5 release date edging closer each passing day, rumors and speculations are spreading fast. 

So what do we know so far about the PS5?

News about Sony’s new PS5 started trickling in April 2019. However, Sony didn’t disclose crucial information about the new gaming console, such as its design, specs, price, and release date.

In an interview with the Financial Times, Kenichiro Yoshinda, the CEO of Sony confirmed that Sony was working on a new console. According to Kenchiro, it was necessary for Sony to create a “next-generation hardware” which will be different from PS4 in design and specs.

In an other interview with Business Insider, Jim Ryan confirmed the console will feature several “unique elements” making it stand out from its predecessors. The PlayStation’s CEO continued to say that the new console be unique with a better processor and better graphics too.

Mark Cerny a PS5 architect, also confirms that the console will feature serious “out-of-this-world” specs. Notably an 8-core processor and a fast Solid State Drive, which will always ensure maximum performance.  

When Will the PS5 Launch?

Playstation 5 launch

The final specific release date has not yet been made official by the Japanese gaming giant, but PS5 will be ready for release in time in the “Holiday 2020” period. However, there are rumors that Coronavirus may delay the release date.

Sony has a tradition of releasing consoles every 6 years, with November being the usual release date. PS3 was unveiled in November 2006, PS4 November 2013, and PS4 Pro November 10, 2016. There is a high possibility that Sony will maintain this tradition with a November 2020 date.

Hideki Yasudaa notable Sony analyst has predicted a November 2020 launch date. A PS5 reveal event is also expected to take place in New York City before the release date.

How Much Will the PS5 Cost?

Rumor has it that Sony is struggling with determining the PS5’s price because of its new unique features. However, Sony has stated that the price will be appealing to gamers. In an interview Mark Cerny stated: ” I believe that we will be able to release the PS5 at a SRP (suggested retail price) that will be appealing to gamers in spite of its advanced feature set.”

We however believe that the PS5 will be more expensive than its predecessors; PS4 and PS4 Pro due to its more powerful features.

Considering that PS4 Pro debuted for $399.99, it has largely been predicted that the PS5 will cost at least $500 in the US and €499 in the UK

We hope Sony will not overprice the PS5 just like they did with the PS3. If you can remember, Sony faced low sales after launching the PS3 at $600. 

PlayStation 5 Specs: What Should we Expect?

Playstation 5 spec

In an interview with Wired, Mark Cerny revealed that PS5 will have superior specs.

The console will boast of AMD chips (GPU and CPU) that will effectively support 3D audio, 8K graphics as well as ray tracing.

PS5’s CPU will encompass an eight-core chip based on the Ryzen line and will employ Zen 2 micro-architecture. The GPU will be under the AMD Radeon Navi line. This graphics card will allow the PS5 to deliver ray-tracing and even support Nvidia G-Sync. 

Despite the high-end graphics cards, PS5 will consume much less power than its predecessors. The PS5’s AMD Oberon APU will run at 2Ghz. This is double the speed of the PS4 Pro, it will also outrun the Nvidia RTX 2070 Super.

The PS5 will also have the capacity to support 8K gameplay and fully support 3D audio. It will also support 4K in TVs with 120Hz framerate.  

PS5 will replace the hard-disk drive in favor of a solid-state drive, which will come with higher bandwidth compared to those used by current PCs.

The new SSD will see games on PS5 load much faster compared to Sony’s HDD-driven console. However, using a SSD instead of a HDD will make the PS5 more expensive. Despite this, we expect to see characters and cameras move faster, better game layouts and a more precise game environment.

PS4 games also will run much faster on PS5 since the console comes with a Solid State Drive instead of the Hard Disk Drive found in PS4.

In a previous demonstration Spider-Man took less than a second to launch on the PS5 prototype compared to 15 seconds on a PS4 Pro.

Sony also revealed that games with a loading time of 8 seconds on the PlayStation 4 Pro will take less than a second to load on the PS5. PS5’s processing power will, in fact, be more powerful than the Xbox’s Project Scarlett.

Unlike the Xbox One S, which lacks a disc drive, the PS5 will come equipped with a 4K Blu-ray disc player, which will handle disks with up to 100GB capacity.

To reduce long hours spent installing huge game files, PS5’s SSD will give you the option to install the specific game modes you want to play. For instance, you can choose to download and play the multiplayer mode only or the campaign/career mode.

Also, gamers can load specific game modes directly from the dashboard; so, you can join a friend in a match without having to go through a comprehensive loading process like in the PS4. 

What will the DualShock 5 be like?

Playstation 5 dualshock

Sony promises significant improvements and new innovative features on its next-generation controller. According to Sony, their main goal is to deepen the feeling of immersion when playing games. ThePS5’s new controller will re-imagine how the sense of touch will increase this immersion.

The next-gen controller will feature several key innovations that will be superior to the PlayStation 4’s DualShock 4. The most notable innovation feature is a microphone, which will support PS5’s rumored voice assistant.

The DualShock 5 will also feature a larger high capacity battery. The larger battery will alleviate battery issues found in DualShock 4, that have increasingly become a concern among gamers.

DualShock 5 will also integrate “adaptive triggers,” which will offer different resistance depending on the game’s activity. These adaptive triggers will provide gamers an accurate representation of the game’s environment. 

The DualShock 5 will have a new haptic feedback capable of relaying feedback to the analog sticks for a wider range of feedback.

This new haptic feedback mechanism will enable gamers tell the difference between crashing into a wall while racing, tackling an opponent on a football field, running on smooth terrain, trudging through sand and even plodding through mud.   

The new haptic feedback combined with adaptive triggers, will provide a powerful gaming experience for gamers.

DualShock 5 will also be slightly bulkier than DualShock 4. According to leaked images from Sony Japan’s patent office, DualShock 5 looks quite identical to the DualShock 4 with the “Share” and “Options” button located on both sides of the touchpad.

There are rumors that the DualShock 5 will also feature a “multiplayer” button. The feature will employ cloud allowing players to split controller inputs and even vote to determine who gets to do what in a particular game. DualShock 5 may also have underside buttons similar to PS4’s Back Button attachment.  

What Games Will Launch on the PS 5?

Playstation 5 Games

Confirmed PS5 games include Godfall, Shadow of the Colossus, Uncharted, Ghost of Tsushima, and The Last of Us 2.

PS5 will also likely feature annual releases such as FIFA and Call of Duty, but this hasn’t been confirmed by developers yet

Final Fantasy VII remake is also expected to be released on PS5 after Square Enix’s president and CEO Yosuke Matsuda said, “I believe that our teams have made it so that the game will support both the next generation and the current generation of consoles.”

Other possible games that you should expect on PS5 include Death Stranding, The Witcher 3, Spider-Man, Godfall, Watch Dogs: Legion, Gods and Monsters, and Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection by Bluepoint Games.

Will PS5 Support Backwards Compatibility and Cross-Generational Play?

Sony confirms that PS5 will feature backward compatibility with PS4 games since the two consoles’ internal architecture is similar.

Speaking to GameSpot, Jim Ryan said that PS5 backward compatibility was necessary to achieve a seamless transition from PS4 to the next-gen console. This is good news for PS4 owners who were disappointed during its launch due to a lack of backward compatibility.

PS5 will only be backward compatible with PS4 only and not with PS3, PS2, or PS1. Also, PS5 will support cross-generational play allowing gamers to continue their progress in the same game even on different consoles.

Will the PS5 Support VR?

Playstation 5 VR

In an interview with Wired, Mark Cerny refused to reveal in-depth the details of the next-generation PlayStation VR headset. He however said Tthat Virtual Reality is very important to Sony, and the current Play Station VR headset is compatible with the new console.

PS5 will support the PlayStation VR headset ushering in a new improved PSVR 2, a new version of the PSVR 1 that will define future gaming.

Leaked PS5 patents have revealed a detailed picture of what the PS5 VR headset will look like. The leaked patent indicates that cameras on the PSVR 2 will replace the PlayStation Camera on the original PSVR.

With these improvements, the device will be more accurate. Additionally, gamers will be able to note what’s happening around them thanks to cameras on the front of the headset. There is also a high possibility of the PSVR 2 being wireless.

Regarding specs, the PS5 PSVR will feature a 560 by 1,440 resolution alongside a 120-hertz refresh rate with a 220-degree field of view.

According to rumors, Sony may also be launching a VR Glove together with the PSVR 2. The glove will be integrated with haptic feedback for an out-of-the-world, immersive gaming experience when paired with the PSVR 2.  

Will PS5 Support Cloud Gaming?

 n May 2019, Sony and Microsoft entered a partnership, which will see the two giant firms contribute resources to advance the field of cloud gaming, AI, and enterprise products.

With this partnership, there is an exceptionally high chance of PS5 having an improved version of PlayStation Now-a. A novel cloud gaming platform that will compete with Google Stadia. However, this has not yet been confirmed.

What will PS5 UI be Like?

Playstation 5 UI

Sony is yet to release the official imagery of the PS5’S user interface (UI), but leaks indicate a familiar interface. The leaked images of PS5 UI shows an interface similar to the PS4’s Orbis layout.

The interface constitutes icons with vertical drop-down sub-menus, 1 TB of storage space as well as a 0.100.020 system software.

PS5’s UI will be a complete revamp of its predecessor’s, allowing users to view more details about another player’s game without really opening up the application.

The UI will also enable gamers enjoy more flexibility and freedom when playing particular games on specific modes before even booting up a title.

Speaking of the UI, Cerny told Wired, “Even though it will be fairly fast to boot games, we don’t want the player to have to boot the game, see what’s up, boot the game, see what’s up.”

He added that “Multiplayer game servers will provide the console with the set of joinable activities in real-time. Single-player games will provide information like what missions you could do and what rewards you might receive for completing them-and all of those choices will be visible in the UI. As a player, you will just jump right into whatever you like.” 

Other PS5 UI features include:

No loading screens- Sony is looking at eliminating loading screens through its innovative technology; the “System and method for dynamically loading game software for smooth play”. This technology, coupled with the PS5’s SSD, will drastically reduce loading time.  

PS5 UI will save more energy -Sony revealed that it had joined the “Playing for the Plant Alliance” which is a United Nations initiative,that aims to ensure the video game industry is more environmentally friendly.

Being a part of this initiative, Sony say that the PS5 will use considerably less power when turned to suspend/sleep mode. Sony is also reportedly carrying out a carbon footprint assessment in an attempt to build more energy-efficient data centers.

More Rumors About the PS5

There are more rumors swirling around the Sony PlayStation 5. Many of these rumors have been left open for speculation. This is one of Sony’s many marketing strategies. Some of these rumors include:

  • Sony will unveil a PlayStation holographic display. A former PlayStation boss commented that the PS5 will still feature physical discs to support the next generation of hardware. 
  • Launch a new generation of gaming streaming service. After Sony’s partnership with Microsoft, there is a possibility that a new generation gaming streaming services will be unveiled after the launch of PS5. 
  • Sony is exploring blockchain technology. Sony has created a Digital Rights Management (DRM) platform with the aim of protecting the rights and ownership of digital content.The platform will protect the ownership and copyright of these areas by time stamping the authentication of the aforementioned digital content.
  • PS5 could be the last PlayStation console. In the future, there is a chance that game streaming services will replace traditional consoles. Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot says that this could be the last console generation before gaming moves to streaming platforms. Game streaming technology will over several perks to gamers, including enhanced accessibility and powerful gaming experience.

Bottom Line

Although there are many details floating around, there are still more details about PS5 yet to be revealed.

However, as the end of February approaches, we expect more news from Sony regarding the release of the PS5. Keep checking out our site for up to date information on Sony’s Play Station 5.

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