The New Microsoft Edge Browser

Everything You Need to Know About the New Microsoft Edge Browser

As the cliche says “Out with the old and in with the new”. After numerous times of trying and failing to persuade users to embrace the Edge browser, Microsoft has gone back to the roots and launched a new browser.

Unlike other Microsoft products, the new Microsoft edge is a clone of its arch-rival Google’s Chrome browser. This makes it a very different browser from the previous Edge we were accustomed to.

Here are a few things you should know about the new Microsoft edge browser.

What Is The New Edge Browser?

The new Microsoft Edge is a total overhaul of the old edge which is no longer established on Chakra. The edge browser is based on the open-source Chromium project, which is similar to Google Chrome. This is a deviation from the company’s rendering engine EdgeHTML. Due to this, users can now handle websites like Tweet Deck and YouTube faster without issues with the performance.

The latest Edge is focused on privacy due to the fact that it prevents tracking and it also synchronizes with all your Microsoft accounts.

It allows you to set everything, including your preferred homepage on your PC for easy navigation. Also, you can adjust your layouts into preferences of your choice to personalize your PC and accounts The new Edge also provides synchronization across different platforms including Android, iOS, OR macOS. 

New Edge Vs Chrome: Is There a Difference?

Despite the similarities between the new Edge and Google Chrome beneath the hood, the two are nevertheless different. The new Edge removes Google features and services replacing them with those of Microsoft.

In terms of features, the new Edge provides potentially unwanted program (PUP) blocker and tracking prevention. Just like the old Edge, the new Edge has a favorites button on the right side of the address bar. Another feature absent in Chrome but present in the new Edge is the “collections” toolbar which captures and stores snippets of web page.

With that in mind, the question is: Is the new Edge better than Google Chrome? 

By all means, it’s way too early to make a conclusion. Despite its similar identity to Chrome, Microsoft will definitely develop Edge in many surface-level features which will make it outstanding than Chrome.

Can The New Edge Be Used With Other Operating Systems?

Definitely. The new Microsoft Edge browser is available for some of the Windows operating systems (10, 8.1, 8, and 7), iPhone, iPad, Android and macOS. Microsoft will even release a version of it for Linux in the future. 

What Are The Features In New Microsoft Edge?

The Structure

After the browser has installed, it imports all the data from the old Edge. It only takes a few seconds for the start-up wizard to transfer all your saved bookmarks, browser history, passwords from your old browser.

Sadly, you cant transfer your previous extensions automatically to the new Microsoft Edge. Even though you will be forced to manually download new extensions the good news is that the new Edge shares the exact extensions found on Google Chrome.

The Browsing Experience

After setting up the new Microsoft edge browser you will notice that new tab page has been improved with more customization settings. The default search engine is Bing, however, you can change this in the settings if you prefer using another search engine like Google. You can pin your most frequent sites to the homepage, also all your most visited sites will appear on the homepage.

Beneath the web tab page, you can opt to view MSN show news events and articles of the previous 24 hours with the option of customizing what should appear. 

Browsing websites can also be a nightmare especially in cases the browser is not compatible or renders the webpages poorly. This is not the case with the new Edge as browsing is swift and smooth. Actually, the browsing experience is very similar to Chrome due to the similarity of the rendering engine used. 

Web Apps

A novel setting that will be available to the new Edge users will be the option of installing websites as native applications. This aspect comes in handy if you want to run an application that lacks a dedicated PC app . A perfect example is Gmail. Since Google hasn’t developed a stand alone Windows 10 Gmail app for, you can install the Gmail website, have it displayed on the Windows Start menubar and launch it like it other apps.

Tracking Prevention

The need for privacy is a big deal nowadays and Microsoft is keen on it. Another feature to expect on the Microsoft Edge is new tracking prevention settings. To aid users in hunting for extra privacy.

The new Edge has three degrees of tracking prevention, and automatically, it’s on the second level which is the Balanced level. Here, trackers are blocked from sites the user hasn’t visited as well as locking out dangerous trackers too. In this mode, data is safe-guarded in the best possible way without breaching websites.

What Is Missing?

As much as the new Edge has a lot to offer, most features which are present in the old Edge are absent. Apart from the tabs; a crisp design,support and inking onto web pages are conspicuously missing.  Microsoft states that it is still advancing the new Edge with features such as inking into web pages expected during the global release. Despite the advancement, not all features will be adopted and that’s a real dissapointment.


The updated Microsoft Edge is an excellent development from Microsoft. It’s a huge deviation from the previous Microsoft Edge, which failed to perform in several areas. We recommend giving the new Microsoft Edge a chance.

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