Xiaomi Airdots Pro: True Wireless Earphones Review

If you haven’t heard of Xiaomi yet, you probably should look into the brand a bit more. They’re the next big thing on the mobile market. Xiaomi’s range of products is known for being top-notch. The same can be said for brands like Apple or Samsung. So why is Xiaomi’s popularity growing by the minute? The answer is simple: their pricing.

They make mobile phones that can compete with some of the flagship iOS and Android brands, but their pricing strategy is borderline aggressive. Their products are so cheap that no other brand ever drops their prices that low. If this comes at no compromise in terms of performance, why shouldn’t Xiaomi be your next pick when you’re shopping for a pair of true wireless earphones?

Xiaomi Airdots Pro is Xiaomi’s response to Apple’s super-famous AirPods. Of course, there are a few differences involved, but at first glance, most people would be fooled. The Airdots stand on their own two feet, however, even without the comparison to the giant success of AirPods. 

We’ve tried and tested the Airdots Pro extensively. In this review, we will tell you all about these earphones. We will compare them to similar products such as the Xiaomi Mi Airdots, we will take a look at their quality, and finally, discuss whether they’re worth their relatively cheap price tag. We will also cover some of the most frequently asked questions.

If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop solution to all your questions about the Xiaomi Airdots Pro, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s get right to it!

General overview

Xiaomi Airdots Pro are so-called true wireless earphones. This means that they have no cable whatsoever that would connect them. They are entirely separate from each other and connect to your device via Bluetooth. 

Airdots Pro are a part of Xiaomi’s Mi line, which makes them their their flagship models. Xiaomi also has a budget line called Redmi, which does tend to confuse a fair amount of people. However, it’s good to note that these earphones are a part of Xiaomi’s upper bracket.

There are many types of wireless headphones, so let’s clarify this right away — these are in-ear and they also do not have a neckband. They are as small as earbuds can possibly get, feather-light, and very trendy in 2020. Apple may have started the AirPod craze, but Xiaomi picked up on it in style and expanded these earphones to become real contenders on the wireless earbuds market.

In terms of design, these are simple and they follow the current trend. These headphones are white and they come with a matching charging case that you can store them in. In the box, you will also find three different types of ear tips. This makes it easier to ensure that Xiaomi’s earbuds will fit you and you won’t have to worry about them falling out of your ear.

These headphones can be used for listening to music, podcasts, audiobooks, and more. You can use them as you watch videos on your phone or tablet and you can even pair them with a laptop. However, that’s not all there is to it. Thanks to their built-in microphone, they can also be used to take calls.

Being fully waterproof (level IPX4), Mi Airdots Pro are ideal for you if you like to work out. Going to the gym, for a run, or even a leisurely jog will be taken to the next level when you’ve got your favorite music playing in your ears. They’re also perfect for those of us that are often on the go. Be it on the commute or at work, these earphones are simply capable of keeping up with you.

There’s much more to the Airdots than it might seem at first glance. We will go into more detail about every feature below.

Battery & charging options

The one thing many people dislike about wireless earbuds or headphones is that the battery life may not be the best. Fortunately, these wireless earbuds come with a dedicated charging case that vastly prolongs their battery life.

Let’s be realistic — Airdots Pro are small. These buds do not have too much space for a massive battery. However, just one hour of charging will grant you three full hours of listening, and the charging case that you carry them in extends that battery life to a full ten hours. Ten hours for a pair of earbuds? Not bad at all!

The case works as a power bank of sorts for the Xiaomi Mi Airdots Pro. Once placed securely inside, the earphones immediately start charging. You can later recharge both the case and the earphones with the attached USB cable.


Xiaomi Mi Airdots Pro feature a Bluetooth 4.2 connection. It is a very stable and flexible option when it comes to wireless earphones or headphones. Thanks to the use of Bluetooth, these earbuds are fully compatible with both iOS and Android devices. The only thing to check first is whether your phone supports Bluetooth 4.2 or later, as earlier versions will not work with these.

Many wireless earphones users complain about high latency (lag when taking calls or listening to music), or worse yet, disconnections and other types of interruptions. This is not the case here. Due to the enhanced connection system, Mi Airdots Pro can keep you chatting throughout the entire charge.

There’s a fun trick included here which is related to connectivity. Once you pair the earphones with your device, you don’t even need to turn them on. They will automatically connect to your device of choice as soon as you take them out of their charging case.

The Airdots Pro have built-in optical sensors. These sensors will help you by pausing your music as soon as one of the buds is taken out of your ear. You don’t have to hastily pull out your phone if someone is talking to you in person. Simply remove the buds and the Airdots will keep your track right at the same time.

Sound quality

Arguably, nothing is more important in a pair of earphones than sound quality. Lovers of top-quality sound, also referred to as audiophiles, are often on the lookout for the best possible option in terms of audio.

For many years, over-the-ear headphones have been considered vastly superior for the quality of sound that they provide. This shouldn’t come as a surprise. These headphones or headsets, often massive, have a lot more power than an extremely lightweight pair of earbuds does. But do you ever wonder if that belief is perhaps a little bit outdated?

If you ask us, it’s definitely starting to be. Xiaomi Mi Airdots Pro are not high-end earbuds, but they hold their ground when it comes to providing premium sound quality. They’re very cost-effective in that particular matter — this means that you get the best bang for your buck.

For a pair of earbuds, the Airdots Pro do an excellent job of keeping various types of sound clear and easy to discern. There’s a noticeable bass, treble, and the mid-ranges all feel organic and true-to-life. Even for an audiophile, these earphones will be strong contenders in their price range.

The microphone quality in these is also great. Despite the mic itself being located quite far away from your mouth, the Mi Airdots pick up your voice really well. They also come with a number of noise-canceling technologies. This means that your conversation partner will not hear the hustle and bustle of the streets when you’re chatting while on the go.

It’s worth noting that the noise cancelation goes both ways. When you wear both of the earphones, you will feel as if you were removed from the outside world and allowed to focus on your music.

Ease of use

Xiaomi Mi Airdots Pro offer a wide range of quality of life improvements in comparison to some of their competitors. You can tell that the ease and comfort of use have both been high on Xiaomi’s priority list when they were working on this particular product.

For starters, you’ll be able to pause/play music and take calls — all of this without taking your phone out of your pocket. Mi Airdots Pro come with a set of touch buttons that enable you to perform all these actions simply by touching the earbud.

Perhaps even more impressive is the fact that they have a built-in voice assistant connected to your device. You can tap twice on the earphone to activate it. Once active, you can use it to connect and use the help of services such as Siri or Google Assistant. Again, this is also done without touching your device whatsoever.

Lastly, if you like to maintain a good level of awareness even when listening to music, you’ll like this feature. Mi Airdots Pro will continue playing music even when you’re only using one earbud. This lets you keep your favorite tunes in the background while also staying very aware of your surroundings. In urban areas, this can be crucial.

Now that we’ve talked at length about all the different features of the Xiaomi Mi Airdots Pro, let’s give them a quick recap. It’s time to take a look at a summary of all the pros and cons of these earphones.


  • True wireless — no annoying neckbands or cables
  • Secure — three differently sized pairs of ear tips ensure that these will fit you snugly
  • Comfortable — waterproof and lightweight, the Airdots are both comfy and secure even when you’re at the gym, breaking a sweat
  • They work with both iOS and Android
  • Charging case included
  • Up to 10 hours of battery life on a single charge
  • Touch buttons — you won’t need to touch your device in order to control the music or take calls
  • One-ear listening allows you to stay aware of your surroundings
  • Voice assistant included


  • The sound quality, while decent, will not match high-end models
  • The battery life of the earphones themselves may not suffice for some people (3 hours)
  • No song skip feature among the touch buttons

Frequently Searched Questions

We hope that you now feel well-informed about the Airdots. Perhaps you’ve already made your decision to get a pair of your own. However, we firmly believe in making informed choices. To assist you in finding out everything there is to know, we’ve put together a list of the most asked questions in regards to Xiaomi Airdots Pro.

Are Xiaomi earbuds good?

This simple question is asked surprisingly often, and we understand. The reviews found online are often quite informative, but many fail to answer or highlight the main thing: are Xiaomi’s earbuds, as a rule, any good?

The question itself may be easy, but the answer is not. The definition of “good” varies from person to person. However, we can tell you about things like about Xiaomi, their products in general, and namely, their earbuds.

  • Budget — If we didn’t put this at the top of the list, we’d be lying. Xiaomi’s entire brand is centered around making solid products at really low prices. Depending on what you’re buying, you may be able to make huge savings, sometimes even in the hundreds of dollars.
  • Comfort — When it comes to Xiaomi’s earbuds, they are known to do an excellent job in terms of comfort. You can wear them all day long and not feel any pain or pressure in your ears.
  • Easy to use — Xiaomi really delivers when it comes to making their products accessible and easy to use. With on-earbud buttons, voice activation, and easy pairing, they’re very intuitive.
  • Flexibility — All Xiaomi earphones come with a few extra sets of ear tips. You don’t have to worry about them falling out during a workout — they’ll fit right in and remain secure until you’re done.

With all that said Xiaomi hasn’t, historically, tried to target the high-end markets just yet. They’re breaking into the upper levels and achieving great successes, but they are still establishing themselves in comparison to the big brands like Apple or Samsung.

All things considered, Xiaomi buds are very cost-effective and could definitely be priced higher. If you consider Apple’s AirPods to be slightly overrated, you’re sure to like Xiaomi’s Airdots. They offer almost the same things for a much, much better price.

Is Redmi AirDots good?

Xiaomi Redmi Airdots are the true wireless siblings to the Mi Airdots Pro. Designed with sports in mind, these sweatproof earbuds are even cheaper than the Airdots Pro. Let us give you a quick review of this variant of Xiaomi earbuds.

While the price varies from one source to another, you can expect the Redmi to cost about half the price of the Mi. This is due to the fact that Xiaomi, while affordable in their entire range, has created Redmi as their budget line. Does budget necessarily mean worse?

It’s true that Redmi Airdots don’t have quite the same audio quality as their more expensive counterparts do. They also come in a smaller size. This can be a benefit to some and a flaw to others, as many users worry about losing their earbuds if said buds are too small.

With all that said, Redmi Airdots are still good in many ways. Their connectivity relies on the brand-new Bluetooth 5 which ensures a stable, quick connection. This promises that the data transfer may be up to two times faster than the previous generation of Bluetooth.

Their battery life is actually slightly better than the Mi line: they run for 4 hours on a single charge and up to 12 hours with their, also included, charging case. The case lets you store them safely, and while inside it, the earphones catch up on some much-needed battery life.

Much like their siblings, the Redmis come with three sets of ear tips. This means that you should be able to find the right pair to fit your ear canal. This is especially important because Xiaomi mostly markets these earphones to cater to sports lovers.

If you spend lots of time at the gym or even if you simply like to do some quick yoga at home, Redmi has got you covered. These earphones are 100% sweat and waterproof. Combine that with the fact that they really do fit snugly and you get yourself a cheap pair of running earphones that you can rely on in every way.

If you’re looking for something even cheaper than the Airdots Pro and you’re willing to settle for a bit less, you’re likely to enjoy the Redmi Airdots.

Is Xiaomi AirDots compatible with Samsung?

Device compatibility is one of the top-asked questions when it comes to the Airdots or any other pair of wireless earphones. Of course, this question is more important than just about any other. It’s crucial to research every new device you buy to make sure that it fits the ones you want to pair it with.

You’ll be pleased to hear that these earphones are compatible not just with Samsung, but all of Android and iOS devices. This excludes some types of smartphones that don’t run on these two operating systems, such as Windows smartphones. However, the vast majority of the mobile phone and tablet market is divided between iOS and Android.

Some of the brands that will work with these earphones include:

  • Samsung
  • Apple iPhone, iPad
  • Sony
  • LG
  • Xiaomi
  • Huawei

These are just the market giants. There are many smaller, more niche brands that produce mobile devices for Android and iOS. Most of the time, these will work just fine with Xiaomi. If you want to be sure, make sure to double-check before you get yourself a pair of these.

How do I pair my Mi Airdots Pro?

Other than comparing these earphones between different devices, one of the most asked questions concerns pairing them. Pairing simply means connecting them to your device of choice. Once paired, the earphones will automatically connect whenever you take them out of their case.

Pairing is crucial and has to be done the right way to ensure a stable connection between your phone or tablet and the Airdots. Here’s a helpful guide on how to pair your earphones with your each other & with your mobile device.

  1. Charge your earphones to full before you begin.
  2. Check your Bluetooth version. Remember that you need to have a phone or other device with Bluetooth 4.2 or higher; lower versions cannot be paired with the Xiaomi Airdots Pro.
  3. To check your Bluetooth version, simply go to the settings app on your phone or tablet. Under the application manager or apps options, click on Bluetooth. On the next screen, you will be told which version of Bluetooth your phone is running.
  4. Take the earbuds out of their charging case.
  5. As the earbuds automatically turn on the moment you remove them from their case, please turn them off, to begin with. This is done by pressing down on the touch area for about 3 seconds. Once they blink red, they’re off.
  6. To pair both the earbuds with each other (yes, this also has to be done!), you need to hold their touch areas at the same time for at least 30 seconds. Once they have paired up properly, you will first see a long red-white blink, and then another series of the same. 
  7. Put them back into the charging case for about 10 seconds.
  8. If the pairing of earphones was successful, only the right earbud will blink.

Now that your earphones are paired, let’s get them connected to your device.

  1. Turn on your mobile device and go to the settings.
  2. Click on Bluetooth.
  3. Switch the button to make sure that it’s turned on. 
  4. Alternatively: on many Android phones, you can simply swipe down from the top of the screen and find the Bluetooth option there.
  5. Next, click on scan devices and wait until you’ve found one of the following: MI AIRDOTS BASIC_R or MI AIRDOTS BASIC_L.
  6. Click on them and set up a pairing code if needed (we recommend 0000)

That’s all there is to it! You’ve now successfully set up your earphones. They should now be able to reconnect whenever you take them out of their case and they will charge the moment you put them inside. There should also be no interruptions, lag, or bad audio quality once the pairing is successful. 


Xiaomi Mi Airdots Pro bring a lot to the table. They allow you to do your favorite things while constantly on the go. Be it a long spring cleaning that you need some music for, a marathon, a night at the gym, or simply a fancy, these earphones will be there with you every step of the way.

If you consider yourself interested in all the extra features the Airdots provide, give them a chance over the competition. You just might end up liking these a whole lot more.

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